An endless passion for life, for motivating and inspiring others, for fun, for teamwork, and for success.

A motivator, facilitator, mentor, and ordained minister with a servant’s heart, Kevin Berryman impacts the lives of others by prompting them to listen, laugh, and learn producing lasting change.

A biracial young man raised in a single-parent household, Kevin experienced obstacles along his path to understanding and embracing his identity. The challenges he faced fuel his passion for helping others celebrate their uniqueness. He has a deep passion for encouraging and empowering youth and young-adults to reach their fullest potential beyond any perceived limitation. Utilizing faith-based wisdom, he desires to see the lives of others changed.

Kevin boldly confronts challenging topics and utilizes humor and compassion to create a sense of comfort. His versatile messages are entertaining and colorful. His simple, illustrative examples make his messages relatable for people from all walks of life. He shares content that pushes his audiences toward success. As such, he has had the privilege of speaking at youth conferences, college retreats, team-building training, and other ministry assignments.

Kevin’s signature message of understanding identity is broadened through the True Colors International curriculum. He is a trained facilitator in a people technology that informs and improves interpersonal relationships at home, school, church, and work by helping participants understand their communication style and personality temperament.

Kevin and his wife, Tiana, attend Koinonia Christian Center in Greenville, NC, where he serves in Youth Ministry. He and his wife enjoy serving together with the youth step team, H20.